New Type Wood Pellet Machine Cost Less

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Wood Pellet Machine Cost usually is not a small invest of money. So be sure that you are serious about producing your own wood pellets or possibly even thinking of becoming a manufacturer yourself before venturing into having a high-priced wood pellet machine.

Wood Pellet Machine Cost changes according to different factors, such as fuel quality, market demand and available supply, etc. Besides, the cost of wood pellets is also decided by the grade and quality of the fuel. The premium pellets are the highest priced wood pellets. Premium pellet manufactures only use specific species and grades of wood resources. The wood must also have all bark removed to keep the ash percentage as low as possible and keep premium pellets an ultra low maintenance fuel. To some extent, the cost of wood pellet machine is much more stable than the prices of oil and gas. Thus in some degree pellet machinery has a brighter future than fossil fuels.

How Wood Pellet Machine Make Pellets

In the first place, the raw supplies need to be totally dry prior to you put them into the machine. Even so, it needs to contain a minimum of 15% moisture to support with them binding solidly together. It really should be noted here that becoming wet and having moisture are two different issues, so do not be confused. In addition, what need to be kept in mind is that some wood have sufficient lignin in it that you do not require a binder anymore. Otherwise, you will need to add some thing for them to bind together correctly. Vegetable oil is normally utilized to do the trick. So if you're employing wood that does not have sufficient lignin like some hardwood, it is possible to use vegetable oil.

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