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Straw dryer



Equipment introduction:
Straw dryer is applied for drying barley straw, wheat straw, corn straw, potato vines and bean stalks etc. According to the characteristic, production capacity, applying requirement, cost control, operating convenience of each biomass materials, our company optimizes the drying technology.
Performance Features:
1.It can realize intelligent control, one-touch operation and automatic operating parameter control. The dryer stays at the best operating status all the time, thus guaranteeing that the dried material is stable moisture and bright color.

2.It eliminates the sundries and iron automatically, ensuring that the dried sawdust will not enter into next process.

3.The self heat preservation heat efficiency of the cylinder reaches up to 70%, which improves the heat efficiency by 30% at least.

4.It adopts four-wheel driving which is more stable and reliable.

5.Compared with single drum dryer, it reduces floor space by 50%, decreases civil engineering investments by 50%, which is more energy-saving.

6.The inner structure of dryer uses multiple efficient lifting plates combined mode, thus controlling the drying process and heat distribution effectively. High heat use ratio, the discharged off-gas temperature is lower than 50℃.

7.It controls the material flow by frequency control. Users can adjust the required final moisture index easily based on requirement.

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