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Biomass energy is related to the development of the economic industrial chain of agriculture, forestry, and industrial waste, so its market potential is large. Dingli is also fully engaged in the supply and technical R&D of biomass energy processing equipment. The currently widely promoted biomass pellet fuel production line is an extension of the production line equipment following the biomass fuel dryer.
Biomass production line equipment mainly includes wood powder machine, sizing screen, dryer, granulator, cooler, baler, and dust removal equipment and other equipment. The raw materials involved may be sawdust, bamboo shavings, wood flour, hibiscus, shavings, abandoned building blocks, bark, crop stalks, Chinese medicine slags, scraps, or processing waste.
The economic development of biomass energy is in a growing period in China. Both China's economic construction and the construction of ecological civilization have formed extremely favorable conditions for the development of biomass energy. Therefore, the industrial chain economy of biomass particle fuel production lines has a greater ability to develop. Dingli devotes itself in the areas of price, technology and service, and provides customers with more comprehensive and powerful protection, coexistence and win-win results.

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