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After beer dried, the price is still high



  The original slag of brewer's dregs is cheap, but the price of dried brewers' grains is drastically increased after brewer's grain spent dryer is dried at a high temperature. The current price of wine mash in the international market is more than 160 US dollars/ton, and the Chinese sales price is also 1400 yuan/ton. After brewer's grain spent are dried, the prices are generally higher and they are more marketable.
  At the same time, no matter whether it is a brewery or a breeding factory, investing has no doubt in a brewer's grain spent dryer. With the characteristics of long-term benefits, and with the progress of brewer's dryer drying technology, human, material and financial resources have been reduced, reducing the production costs of dry brewers' grains, which in turn increases the price advantage of dried brewers' grains and promotes the processing of brewers' grains. Promote sales and gain considerable profits. Hurry up to Dingli inquiry and order brewer's grain spent dryer.

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