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Green feed continuous drying equipment High production, more environmental protection



The environment in which the green feed continuous drying equipment operates must first be that the equipment has high bearing capacity, low maintenance requirements, high production capacity, over-environmental assessment, and low energy consumption in order to truly achieve continuous and efficient drying. Satisfying these talents can be continuous and efficient and can only be called continuous drying equipment.
Green feed dryer can dry straw, natural pasture, cultivated pasture, field weeds, vegetable leaves, aquatic plants, twig leaves, etc. It is very suitable for livestock husbandry and feed mills to ensure stable and low-cost supply of livestock feed, and reduce the cost of feeding. Improve the quality of milk and eggs. The continuous operation of green feed dryers is an inevitable requirement for each customer. In order to achieve these requirements, first of all, mature green feed drying technology, excellent processing technology and raw materials are needed, and it is also necessary to ensure that customers pass EIA and low energy consumption.
Green feed continuous drying equipment project construction, on the selection of power, technical support, service protection and after-sale protection, three protection and protection of your long-term benefit.

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