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Biomass fuel dryer



China's power generation has increased steadily, especially in the summer, and electricity consumption is even greater. Although country's optimization and adjustment of the power generation structure is also in progress, the proportion of thermal power is still very heavy, and it has grown significantly in 2017. Dingli Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has heavily invested in biomass fuel dryers to promote high-quality, low-energy clean production of biomass in China and called for a cooler and cleaner summer.
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Biomass-fuel dryer is an important quality-improving technology in the production and processing of biomass energy, and it is an essential link to join scrap sawdust, sawdust, hibiscus, bamboo shavings, wood shavings, scrap wood and other wood scraps and biomass fuel. . At the same time, a high-quality biomass fuel dryer can significantly reduce the production cost of biomass energy and improve biomass pellet fueling rate.
Biomass fuel dryers not only improve quality of the equipment in the clean fuel production line, but also help the growth of clean energy in China. I also have a public view of the blue sky, white clouds and green mountains and waters that make the summer cooler and cleaner. Dingli Biomass Fuel Dryer manufacturers supply the entire biomass pellet fuel production line equipment at the same time, exerting the advantages of biomass fuel drying, low consumption and environmental protection, and improving the cleanliness and low energy consumption control level of the entire production line. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order biomass fuel dryers.


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