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Soybean market downturn soybean dryer manufacturer price cuts



Most of China's imported soybeans are processed into soybean meal for soybean meal production. Although the current Sino-US trade friction continues, the price of soybean meal is limited in China, and downstream demand market is sluggish, forming a market environment unfavorable to the price of soybean meal dryer. Dingli's fermented soybean meal dryer manufacturers cut the offer, starting from the actual, let profit to promote expansion of customer profit space.
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Dingli's fermented soybean meal dryer manufacturers supply equipment for many years, established a number of high-quality cases, equipment is not only high-yield and high-efficiency. The market competition is increasingly fierce, the launch of environmentally friendly energy-saving fermented soybean meal. The dryer is more responsive to the market demand and is popular in the world.

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