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Sweet potato residue dryer earns high price potato residue feed at low cost



  Sweet potato residue dryer can control the moisture of  potato residue to be controlled at about 12%, which is determined according to the customer's production process. At the same time, sweet potato residue dryer meets the high starch content waste residue such as potato residue, bean dregs, bean curd residue and cassava residue. Dewatering drying needs. How much is a sweet potato slag dryer? Customized sweet potato residue dryer selection.


  How do sweet potato residue dryers earn high-priced potato dregs at low cost? Dingli's sweet potato residue drying is energy-saving, intelligently reducing manpower input, reducing energy consumption and energy consumption of the dryer by energy saving, and reducing the risk of the project being stopped or rectified by environmental protection, thereby achieving continuous high-efficiency production. Quickly enter the sweet potato residue mixed feed production line.

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