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Rorary dryers for biomass



  Biomass rotary dryer is the dryer of choice when it comes to accomplishing the crucial task of drying biomass. Biomass rotary dryers have proven to be the most cost efficient method for removing high volumes of water from biomass.


  Although biomass has been ground, there is still some variation in particle size distribution. Rotary dryers naturally allow for variable residence times based on this variation, resulting in a uniform moisture content of material exiting the dryer, an ideal characteristic for a fuel product.

  Biomass rotary dryers rely on direct contact between the material and the process gas to efficiently dry the material. As the drum rotates, flights pick up and drop the material through the process gas to maximize heat transfer efficiency, while still providing gentle handling to reduce the creation of fines. If you are interested in biomass rotary dryer, welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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