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Dingli brewer's grain dryer



Brewer's grain  dryer can dry corn wine residue, wheat wine residue and rice wine residue etc. It can be dried to a final moisture content of about 12%, which is flexible and adjustable. It can also be divided into brewer's grain dryer and white brewer's grain dryer. After the wine residue is dried and mixed with straw to make a mixed feed, it is favored by the breeding factory and the feed factory.


Brewer's grain dryer is the core product of Dingli and an important booster for establishing a corporate brand. It has cooperation projects with Tsingtao Brewery, Yanjing Beer, Budweiser, Carlsberg and other enterprises, and it is an excellent partner of these enterprises in the wine residue drying project. The brewer's grain residue dryer has simple operation, high degree of mechanization, strong controllability, low operating cost and long service life. The price of brewer's grain dryer is increased in 2018. And the economic benefits of brewer's grain drying processing enterprise are further promoted. 

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