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Green wood chip dryer production line



  Green wood chip dryers are actually embodied in the aspects of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. The environmental protection is mainly reflected in the production line of Dingli sawdust dryer. The production line is equipped with a professional multi-stage dust removal equipment combination. The use of dust remover handles the exhaust gas generated during the operation of production line, and achieves the drying of the environmentally-friendly treatment materials. Energy saving is mainly using of self-developed drying technology by Dingli sawdust dryer. At the same time, national patented drying technology and accessories are applied in production line, which greatly reduces energy consumption of entire production line and improves efficiency of entire production line.


  Nowadays, people are increasingly advocating for green and environmental protection. The green and energy-saving wood chip dryer is also main direction of use in the future, and its has greatly improved  efficiency of raw material drying in related industries.

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