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Dingli coal slime dryer



  The environmental protection technology of Dingli's coal slime dryer continues to upgrade, pollution control and pollution prevention are two-pronged. In the original technology, the upgraded bag filter is used, the dust removal efficiency is up to 99.8%, and the heat source fuel structure of the slime dryer is adjusted. According to the environmental assessment requirements of the project site, flexible configuration can be used to reduce carbon and sulfur pollution and dust pollution by using coke oven gas, gas, natural gas or biomass energy.
coal slime dryer.jpg
coal slime dryer.jpg
  Coal drying or coal slime reuse can avoid pollution problems. And at the same time, it can realize economic benefits at a lower cost and high efficiency, and improve the utilization rate of coal slime. Alleviate the contradiction between enterprises and ecology, and residents, and ensure the sustainable production and high-quality development of enterprises. If you are interested in our products, welcome to Dingli inquiry and order our products.

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