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Ginkgo biloba dryer



  What equipment price is used to dry ginkgo leaves, the return is fast, and the cost is low? The three-layer rotary tumble dryer is more suitable. The dryer adopts a three-layer rotary drying structure, which has high heat utilization rate, uniform and sufficient heat of materials, long time, high drying efficiency, uniform color of dry materials, and three layers. Ginkgo leaf  rotary drum dryer has a small footprint and saves the factory floor space.

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  Ginkgo biloba dryer can dry all kinds of tree leaves, crush branches or wooden blocks and other materials. It is also convenient for customers to expand production scale and multi-resource utilization. The drying principle of Ginkgo biloba leaves is mainly through high temperature drying. The wet ginkgo leaves are transported from the feeding device into the drying area of the dryer barrel, and are continuously copied and scattered under the inner layer of the copy board to realize the downstream drying. Drying mode and heat exchange, the ginkgo leaf moves to the other end of the inner layer and folds back into the drying middle layer, and proceeds in a two-step step backward to achieve countercurrent drying and heat exchange again. 


  Ginkgo biloba leaves to the other end of the drying middle layer. Into the outer layer, the ginkgo leaves travel in a rectangular multi-loop manner in the outer drum, and the material that achieves the drying effect quickly travels out of the drum under the action of hot air. The drying mode not only absorbs the heat dissipated by the inner roller, but also absorbs the heat of the middle roller to prolong the drying time and achieve desired drying quality.


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