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Interpretation of the application of furfural slag dryer in biomass energy of furfural residue



  The furfural slag drying line plays a very important role in the energy utilization of furfural slag biomass. Furfural slag requires a drying process before molding biomass fuel. At present, most of the applications are Dingli furfural slag dryer equipment. After the furfural slag enters the Dingli furfural slag dryer, the paper copying device is evenly distributed in the drum. Under the condition, the furfural residue is uniformly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air, thereby accelerating the heat transfer and mass transfer. In the drying process, the material is discharged to the other star-shaped discharge valve of the dryer under the action of the inclined plate and the hot temper, and the molding process is carried out.
 Dingli Furfural Slag Dryer has launched a variety of equipment specifications for different manufacturers' water and capacity requirements. If you want to know more, welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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