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Coal slime drying is not a good method or need to use drying coal slime equipment



  The common cost of drying coal slime equipment is low, the processing capacity is large, and the mature technology equipment is coal slime drum dryer. Generally, the single-tube structure is used for high-temperature drying, and the moisture content of the dry coal slime is about 8%, and the specific final water content. Need to be determined according to customer requirements. In this way, the wind and dust generated during the drying process of coal slime and the rainwater are affected, which is greatly affected by the natural environment and has a long dry period. With the development of technology, current coal slime dryer is more environmentally friendly, and the technical level of carbon-sulfur pollution and dust pollution treatment has been greatly improved, further reducing the problem of coal-fired pollution in the high-temperature drying coal slime method.


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