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Customer demand for small rotary dryers



  According to different factors such as the output of drying materials, the types of rotary dryers are not the same. There are large and small types. Although companies often purchase large-scale drying equipment, it is not uncommon for some to purchase small drying equipment. What proportion of small dryers will be purchased in the future, and what is the development trend?


  At present, there are three main reasons for purchasing small dryer equipment: First, the amount of materials that enterprises need to handle is small, and second, the investment cost is not much. Some are not enterprises, but individuals are limited in funds, so they often use small baking. Dry equipment, some of these customers through the late development, often choose to buy large drying equipment. Third, for customers in the initial investment-related fields, they want to invest in large-scale equipment, but due to the initial involvement of the industry, considering many uncertain factors, for the sake of caution, more users have finally invested in small dryers. These are the reasons why manufacturers buy small dryers at present, and they have a certain proportion in the types of drying equipment purchased by enterprises. However, due to the expansion of scale or understanding of the industry, the enterprises will increase investment in equipment. Therefore, more customers are willing to buy large dryer equipment, which is also the future development trend.

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