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Energy-saving and environmentally friendly brewer’s grain spent dryer, find out?



  Brewer’s grain spent drying line has low recovery cost, large output, rich nutrients and good fattening effect. Drying brewer’s grain spent into unconventional animal feed can promote growth of animals, reduce the cost of breeding, and greatly alleviate situation of tight feed resources.


  Brewer’s grain spent dewatering machine is an important part of brewer’s grain spent feed system. Due to high moisture content of brewer’s grain spent, a large amount of heat energy is consumed in the drying process, and a part of free water in brewer’s grain spent is removed in advance by brewer’s grain spent dewatering machine to reduce the drying process. The energy consumption has greatly reduced burden of brewer’s grain spent dryer and the output has been greatly improved. At present, the equipment has been putting into use in many domestic brewer’s grain spent enterprises and feed processing enterprises, and has created considerable economic benefits.


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