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How to dry the wet coal slurry quickly? Dingli coal slime dryer helps to quickly dry coal slime



  Some customers will consider drying coal slime in order to save costs when dealing with slime, and hope to find out how to dry the wet slime quickly. However, traditional drying of slime also has certain drawbacks. At present,  Dingli coal slime dryer will be used to quickly process the slime to dry it.
  Drying coal slime is a traditional treatment method, drying - requires a certain amount of space and labor. If the coal slurry output is large, the required production area and labor are also very large. Sun-- needs good weather as a basis to carry out, so drying There are certain limitations in the way. At present, enterprises are more willing to purchase mechanical equipment to deal with coal slurry. For example, the slime dryer launched by Dingli is currently under construction in Shanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Sichuan, etc. Numerous coal slime drying projects help local customers to quickly dry coal slime. The Dingli slime dryer has 200~3000 tons/day (supporting custom) models, which can meet the production needs of different coal enterprises. The dry production line is mainly composed of a heat source, a feeding device, a belt feeder, a rotary drum, a belt discharge machine, an induced draft fan, a dust remover and a power distribution cabinet. The slime enters the Dingli slime dryer and contacts the high temperature hot air to quickly evaporate the water. Under the large guide angle of the guide plate, there is a cleaning device to clean the material adhering to the inner wall, and the cleaning device is for the material ball knot. The block also acts as a crusher, increasing the heat exchange area and increasing the drying rate. After sufficient heat exchange, the slime reaches the required moisture state, and the slime rolls to the discharge opening to complete the entire drying process.

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