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Biomass continues to grow and demand for wood chip dryers is stable



  The wood chip dryer processes the scraps by high-temperature drying of the upgraded wood to improve the recycling rate of materials such as sawdust, sawdust, shavings, bamboo chips, wood blocks or scrap wood, improve the quality of the raw material pellet fuel of these materials, and promote the wood chip biomass. The operating cost of the fuel production line is also a product of the rapid development of biomass energy in China.


  The market demand for wood chip dryers is growing steadily, and it is also an important quality equipment for reducing the production cost of biomass energy. It can effectively improve the combustion performance of wood pellet fuel, increase the molding rate and heat generation, promote full combustion, and enhance the finished product. Market competitiveness, reducing the operating costs of enterprises. Therefore, the market prospect of wood chip dryer is very considerable, and its economic value will continue to increase. Welcome to consult and order equipment.

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