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Slag dryer to recycle its granulation



  The slag is also called bacillus, scraps, etc, and a large amount of mycelium remains in the slag, which is rich in amino acids and cellulose, hydrocarbons and trace elements. It has certain use value, and a large amount of slag piles will cause resources. Waste, so many companies purchase equipment to treat the residue to make it harmless, reduce, and resource utilization. Take edible fungus residue as an example: the edible fungus residue to prepare biological feed technology significantly increases the feed nutrients. The feeding efficiency is improved, and the slag can also be processed into organic fertilizer.

  China's edible fungus residue resources are very rich, the current fresh slag is prone to mold rot, so in the case of a large amount of slag, it is best to smash the slag, drying (drying), and then feeding the animal, The feed made by using the slag processing is good in palatability, which is one of the important reasons for the use of slag drying for feed utilization. In addition, the slag is a high-quality fertilizer, and the scum of the mold rot can be used as a fertilizer for comprehensive utilization. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment  slag dryer.


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