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Potato residue dryer maintenance strategy



  After the potato slag dryer is put into production, the production line is not high-slung, and the daily maintenance details should be paid attention to, so that the production efficiency and equipment life of the potato slag dryer can be guaranteed. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the details that need to be paid attention to during the routine maintenance of the potato residue dryer.


  First of all, the inspection work before the daily use of the potato dregs dryer ensures that the parts are intact and there are no abnormalities, to ensure the surrounding environment, etc., to avoid the occurrence of flammable materials, etc. In addition, the rain and snow season should be prepared to protect the work in the early stage, so as not to affect the production line. run. During the operation of the equipment, ensure the correct operation of the staff and avoid the serious consequences caused by improper operation. Check the work after the equipment is shut down every day to ensure that the power supply is turned off and dustproof. The daily inspection work of the potato residue dryer needs to be adhered to: including cleaning, lubrication, replacement of accessories, cleaning of debris, tightening of screws, regular maintenance, lubrication and replacement of parts, etc., and discovering potential of potato residue dryer in time. The problem is dealt with. Welcome to consult and order equipment.

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