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Coal drying wants to save money and wants to benefit from long-term choice.



  Coal dryer needs to be specific to coal types. Some coals have certain characteristics and will have different technical requirements during the drying process. If the slime moisture is large, especially the fine-grained coal slime, the viscosity is large, and the sticking phenomenon will occur during the drying process. Therefore, the cleaning device and the dispersing device of the slime dryer must be specially treated; For example, lignite dryer, lignite is easy to weather and flammable. Therefore, it is required to have high safety requirements during the drying process. Special treatment is required at the dust supply end and the heat medium supply end of the drum drying, and the tumble dryer sealability. 


  Therefore, the premise of coal drying wants to save money is to choose high-quality dryer manufacturers, technology is reliable, to ensure efficient and safe operation of coal drying equipment, in order to meet customer demand and achieve expected benefits, not only by some coal drying equipment manufacturers The price of the price is confusing.


  Dingli coal drying manufacturers supply a variety of dryers, specifically meet the drying requirements of different coal types, environmental protection and low consumption, many project cases, and large coal enterprises like coal, Ito, Yitai and other coal groups have a lot of cooperation The project, and the equipment is running well, the company has a good reputation. Recently, Dingli coal drying equipment price concessions are underway, various benefits and added value added, to ensure that customers save money and buy a safe and reliable coal dryer. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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