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Dingli brewer's grain spent dryer



  When enterprises dry and process beer dough, they purchase equipment. There are no strict requirements on drying process and equipment. Some manufacturers even buy used equipment, resulting in low drying efficiency. The efficiency of the whole drying line has been in the bottleneck period. Choose brewer's grain spent dryer to efficiently treat brewer's grain spent, and corporate customers can break through the bottleneck and climb the business peak.
  Brewer's grains are a by-product of the production of beer. Brewer's grain spent have high protein content and rich nutritional value. The annual output at home and abroad is quite large. It is a high-quality feed resource with good development and utilization value. In the future, the feed of beer waste will be the main development trend of comprehensive utilization of beer waste. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to it and make new processes, High-quality equipment to dry, in order to create high-yield feed, break through the bottleneck of the drying production line, so that the drying cost performance is expected, so that the benefits of this resource reuse increase. The optimization of beer keg dryer is mainly based on the consideration of drying process, the selection of drying equipment, etc., and the selection of suitable equipment for the needs of its own enterprises. Of course, the after-sales service and enterprise strength of dryer manufacturers are also considered. In the ranks of Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which is selected by many companies, Zhengzhou Dingli has its own dry process, high-quality equipment and good after-sales service. Therefore, many manufacturers choose Work with them. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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