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Sawdust dryer winter running tips



  First of all, it is recommended that the wood chip dryer should be equipped with windshield as far as possible to prevent wind and snow from corroding the surface of the drying machine. Moreover, the cold air outside in winter will also cause the temperature inside the drum of the drum wood dryer to be slow, and the excessive heat consumption will waste the heat source, so that the drying effect of the wood chips is not good, and the requirements for further utilization are not met, so the work for the open air is Sawdust dryers are necessary for their construction sheds.


  Secondly, the regular maintenance of the wood chip dryer equipment is very important. When the wood chip drying production line is shut down, the interior should be cleaned in time. The internal residue of the wood chip dryer is also the source of the fire damage must be thoroughly cleaned. And add lube grease to the running part of the wood chip drying machine, and the gear biting part of the barrel of the dryer equipment should also clean up the sticking oil and add new grease.


  Winter air drying dry wood chip dryer processing raw materials must maintain a certain isolation range with the drying machine to ensure safety in non-use state. Another point is to cut off the power supply of the wood chip dryer during the Spring Festival holiday to prevent accidents. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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