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The importance of daily inspection of bamboo chip dryer



   In fact, every device needs to be tested before it is put into use. The bamboo chip dryer equipment is no exception. The precision test of the bamboo chip dryer can make some infrequently found problems nowhere to be seen, and ensure the bamboo chips. The wood chips dryer can run smoothly.


  What should we do in the test work for the bamboo chip dryer? The first is the detection of components and other faults, and then the residence time of the material in the dryer at different frequencies and the resistance in the bed were measured. Through the measurement, it is found that different materials or materials with different moisture contents can operate normally in the dryer within a certain frequency range. In addition, it is necessary to test the vibration frequency, material movement speed and processing output of the dryer to ensure smooth operation of the equipment. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order bamboo chip dryer.

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