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Corn wheat straw drying production line equipment configuration



  After the corn and wheat granules are closed, how to deal with a large amount of straw has always been a "difficult situation." Burning brings environmental problems and fire hazards. Simply crushing the fields will affect the sowing and emergence of summer corn or winter wheat. With the development of industrial technology, the emergence of straw dryer has effectively solved the problem of straw treatment. The straw dryer can be used to make feed or fuel to improve agricultural economic benefits.

  Gradually more and more users and friends found this business opportunity, began to invest in the straw production industry, recently many users consult: how to configure the corn wheat straw drying production line equipment?

  How to configure corn and wheat straw drying production line equipment?

  In recent years, environmental protection requirements are also very strict. The pollution of the straw drying production line to the environment is mainly dust and noise. When the production line is equipped with equipment, it must be combined with actual production conditions, and there are many types of straw. The situation of the site will be somewhat different in handling, and the production line should also be considered when configuring the equipment. Dingli’s straw drying production line is mainly composed of heat source device, feeding machine, straw dryer, cutting machine, dust collector and power distribution cabinet, etc. With good drying effect and stable performance. It can provide customized services according to user production requirements. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order straw drying production line.

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