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Several factors affecting the cost of wood chip drying



  Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale wood chip drying equipment manufacturer that develops, produces, produces and sells in China. When purchasing dry wood chip equipment, customers often consult the wood chip drying cost problem. Today, Dingli will introduce a few effects on wood chip drying. 


  First of all, the characteristics of dry wood chips: for example, the initial moisture content, final moisture and other requirements have a close relationship with the cost of wood chips, and the cost of wood chip dryer equipment purchase is also a direct factor affecting the cost of wood chip drying, wood chip drying The machine's production capacity, energy consumption, etc. will also directly affect its cost. Therefore, if you want to save the wood chip drying cost, then the company needs to purchase cost-effective dryer equipment in the early stage, taking into account the small equipment recommendations such as post-equipment maintenance and strong strength drying. The cooperation of dryer manufacturers, and the integration of environmental protection issues, the purchase of heat sources and dust removal equipment, the selection of heat source dust removal equipment to meet environmental protection needs, but also to minimize the overall cost of customers, the labor costs in the wood chip drying process is also No small cost, reduce labor costs, you can purchase a high-automatic wood chip dryer, and later maintenance can extend the life of the equipment and save operating costs.

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