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New brewer's grain spent dryer refreshes the brand height of Nigerian market



  A good news came from Nigeria at yesterday, the new project has been installed, and the test machine has been completed, and is now officially put into production. The trial operation results fully verified the stability and practicability of the new brewer's grain spent dryer technology, and refreshed the brand height of Dingli Group. The new technology of Nigerian brewer's grain spent dryer mainly reflects two concepts. The first is intelligent. The drying capacity and drying quality of the new brewer's grain spent dryer are highly scientific and intelligent, and the control is more scientific and accurate. According to the intelligent operation, it is simple and quick. The second is energy-saving. The company makes full use of new processing equipment in the processing technology of brewer's grain spent drying equipment, and the production process is more elaborate, forming a high-quality and high-efficiency production line, while in the thermal energy utilization technology. The technology of exhaust gas treatment has been refreshed, multi-channel multi-path control, and the drying of brewer's grain spent is more energy-efficient.


  The brand influence of the Nigerian market has been formed and has risen in a straight line. The intelligent technology and energy-saving technology of the new brewer's grain spent dryer will undoubtedly refresh the brand's influence again. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order brewer's grain spent dryer.

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