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A small surprise in the new pasture dryer industry



  The aquaculture economy has gradually formed a new model and industrial chain form. For pasture dryer manufacturers, it is necessary to adjust the strategic city, and the grassland and cow dung formed by the aquaculture combined with the retail aquaculture can be both an opportunity and a market. Narrow, pasture dryer capacity requirements will be more prominent.


  According to the policy changes of the pasture planting economy, the aquaculture industry will form a “company + cooperative + farmer”, “base aquaculture + retail farming” model, and form a cooperative organization with the “grass raising cattle”. For the platform, through cooperatives and poor households, we will sign grassland, pasture supply and collection agreements, and cattle manure and cow dung bacteria recycling cooperation according to “1 cattle and +1 mu forage”, and provide grass seeds to the public free of charge. This economic model will greatly improve the development quality of pasture planting economy and expand the scale of pasture planting, and form a high-quality pasture farming economy. Dingli pasture dryer manufacturer strategic deployment adjustment to focus on the promotion of large and medium-sized pasture dryers, under the limited market demand, to undertake high-quality large-scale pasture drying projects.

  Recycling pastures from the company reduces the individual market for pasture dryers, but at the same time it also forms a more purchasing power demanding body. At the same time, the technical performance and service requirements of the pasture dryers are further improved. These are pastures. The problems that dryer manufacturers must face in the future. Dingli has been supplying pasture drying equipment for many years. The domestic market and overseas markets have made breakthroughs. The strength is undisputed. The pasture drying technology is also a self-contained one. With the widespread promotion of the new pastoral economy model, large-scale pasture drying projects and The technical upgrade of pasture dryers is the more prominent market characteristics and requirements at present, and the large-scale pasture dryers that clean and reduce emissions will be grandly debuted.

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