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Biomass dryer manufacturers how to define the technical direction



  Biomass drying machine is mainly for large-scale storage of biomass recycling, quality and quantity. Therefore, before the biomass processing technology, especially for biomass traders, the necessity of investing biomass dryer can not be underestimated. The development direction of biomass drying technology must be the coal recently developed by the energy industry and biomass mixed pyrolysis of technical requirements.


  Biomass for biomass fuel raw materials is an important economic form and market composition of China's energy economy, but the development of biomass pellet fuel or carbon rod is not as imagined as the market and demand, both technology and demand market, development. There is still a lot of room for improvement, that is, there is a big gap between the development of biomass energy resources in China and that of other countries. However, our country is a big coal resource country, and the biomass and coal energy mixed production, pyrolysis coal-fired production and other by-products are all the progress and trend of energy technology in our country, which are important for the development of both energy resources significance. The same needs of manufacturers of biomass dryer equipment industry. In the face of this phenomenon and problems, research and development of the technology still requires greater input and attention, not only to promote their own development and growth, but also to promote China's industrial energy economy progress.

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