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Medium beer waste dryer



  The area and power consumption of the medium-sized beer waste dryer will still be determined by the specific model. The processing capacity of the medium-sized distiller's dewatering dryer is generally several tens of tons to one hundred tons per day, and the manufacturers basically adopt Customized production, therefore, the customer will provide specific data to understand the operating costs of the different manufacturers and the required plant area and structure.


  There are more and more applications of medium-sized beer waste dryers. Different scales of breeding plants, wineries, feed mills, etc. have begun to pay attention to the recycling of beer grains, and the beer grains are made into mixed feed after mechanical dehydration and high temperature drying. The fields that can be fed are also expanding, ranging from simple cattle and sheep to fields such as goose and sika deer.


 Therefore, medium-sized beer waste dryer manufacturers generally use custom production, therefore, whether it is a medium-sized beer waste dryer or a small dryer, as long as the economic benefits of large-scale production are met, the dryer manufacturer will be reasonable for the customer. Planning and setting up a production line for clean, environmentally friendly, high-yield and low-consumption beer lees.

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