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Yeast dryer broadcast customer production site



  Knowing that the yeast dryer is dehydrating and drying the brewer's yeast, the more direct way is the yeast dryer video. Recently, the after-sales engineers from Vietnam crossed the sea to bring the yeast dryer video to the customer site, from the feed. To the discharge, the processing capacity, drying capacity, equipment configuration and drying process of the yeast dryer are demonstrated.


  The Vietnamese yeast dryer is only one of many foreign sites. Whether it is relatively small in production or production line laying, the customer's reputation is consistent. This is the main reason why Zhengzhou Dingli gradually rises in the Southeast Asian market. In the continuous growth, the influence continues to expand, and the dryer product line continues to expand.

  Vietnam is an important export target of Zhengzhou Dingli. From feed dryers to complete sets of biomass fuel production lines, it provides high-efficiency, low-energy, high-environment dryer production lines, which have been verified and baptized by the market. The dryer customer also made a thorough understanding of the Dingli dryer site in China and decided to cooperate.

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