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How to use the dry cleaning equipment for the second-hand dryer?



  Recently, relevant departments have issued relevant policies on the import of alfalfa, and the import of alfalfa has been tightened. Therefore, the price of imported pasture will be raised, and the area of ​​alfalfa cultivation in China is expanding, and the demand market is large and stable. The alfalfa drying equipment project is a good place to be, and it is only determined to invest.


  Dry grass drying is an inevitable requirement for market operations. Valerian fresh grass is difficult to store and has a short cycle, which is not suitable for market operation. Therefore, the drying equipment for alfalfa has emerged as the times require. The main reason is that the tumble dryer is used as a carrier to rapidly dry through low-temperature hot air to reduce the water content of alfalfa. 12%, resulting in longer cycle quality and warehousing and transportation, enhancing operability.

  After the dry grass is dried, the color and taste are still well preserved, and the livestock feed is not reduced. Therefore, more and more grass feed factories are beginning to invest in the construction of alfalfa drying equipment. With the advancement of technology, the cost of drying the alfalfa It is also constantly decreasing, and the intensification of market competition has further promoted the price reduction of weeding drying equipment and reduced the initial cost of the project.

  Some customers consider second-hand dryers because of the price of hay drying equipment. Dingli alfalfa dryer manufacturers suggest that the drawbacks of second-hand dryers are mainly concentrated in heat source technology docking and environmental technology upgrades, while used equipment The frequency of repairs is also relatively high, which is not conducive to large-scale continuous operations. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order the alfalfa dryer.

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