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Nigerian beer waste dryer equipment is being installed and commissioned



  The sales boom of Zhengzhou Dingli Beer Waste Dryer Equipment continued to rise. Recently, Nigerian beer waste dryer equipment is undergoing intense and orderly installation and commissioning.


  At present, the beer waste dryer equipment is basically installed, and most of the equipment enters the debugging stage. The beer waste dryer equipment is designed according to the user's production requirements. It is expected to process 150 tons of beer waste per day after being put into production, which will help Nigerian beer waste to be utilized.

  In order to resolutely win the battle for installation, commissioning and commissioning, Zhengzhou Dingli after-sales service engineers refine the division of labor, track progress, and responsibilities to people, and focus on the whole process of installation and commissioning of resource utilization equipment, and strive to work hard as soon as possible.

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