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  With the processing and utilization of cassava at home and abroad, certain cassava alcohol grains will be produced during the processing and utilization of cassava. The material can be used for fuel production through professional drying molding equipment. The price of distiller dryer is everyone's concern. The problem, today, take the Dingli distiller waste dryer as an example to briefly introduce the price of the device.


  In fact, many customers want to know about the approximate equipment price in the process of consulting in the early stage, but the process of the cassava alcohol waste dryer in the industry also creates a certain difference in the price of the equipment, and the customer is purchasing the cassava alcohol waste dryer. In the process, not only a single dryer is purchased, but more purchases are the complete set of cassava alcohol dehydration drying and forming lines. There are also great differences in the configuration of the production line. Zhengzhou Dingli’s cassava alcohol is dried. Distiller dryer t is currently available in a variety of models and models according to the customer's production needs, the price is different. Therefore, it is difficult for customers to obtain accurate quotations of equipment during the preliminary consultation process without providing specific requirements such as production capacity.

  Zhengzhou Dingli provides a variety of high-humidity material drying equipment such as distiller's grains dryer, dregs dryer, potato dregs dryer, etc. The specifications and models are complete.

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