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Biomass pellet fuel production line coincides with clean energy transformation of 10 steam boilers



 The development prospect of biomass pellet fuel production line is forced market demand, policy support and public opinion support. The transformation of 10 steam-ton coal-fired boilers further enhances the pulling effect. The cost control of the biomass fuel pellet production line has been effectively reduced with the advancement of technology, further increasing the profit margin of biomass pellet fuel processing.


  China's air pollution control and prevention work is continuing. The rectification of boilers in all provinces is the first priority. Coal-fired boilers below 10 tons are the first to bear the brunt. One of the remediation methods is to use clean energy for transformation, while biomass pellet fuel With the advancement of industrial technology and the rise of the market industry, the substitution force has gradually increased.

  The market environment for biomass pellet fuel production lines is very favorable, and biomass pellet production and processing technology has also developed rapidly. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy supplies high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly and low-energy biomass pellet fuel production equipment for wood processing waste such as sawdust, sawdust, hibiscus, bamboo chips, bark and broken wood.

  By reducing the drying cost of biomass fuel and improving the drying quality, Zhengzhou Dingli Biomass Fuel Granule Production Line Factory not only improves the pellet fuel forming rate and molding quality, but also further reduces the processing cost. As a manufacturer starting from biomass fuel dryers, Dingli New Energy has better technical strength and obvious advantages. Therefore, the sales volume and reputation of domestic and foreign markets are continuously rising. This is also the sole life of Zhengzhou. The reason for the transformation of the physical fuel dryer into a complete supply of biomass pellet fuel production lines.

  Biomass pellet fuel production line will have a better development space and market demand pull with the implementation of air pollution granulation in China and the in-depth implementation of coal ban in various provinces, and the prospects are considerable.

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