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Sawdust dryer manufacturers put a touch of sky blue on the spring color



  Sawdust dryer has environmental protection significance that can not be ignored, improve the utilization rate of wood, reduce forest waste, indirectly promote the increase of forest cover area in China, protect water and soil, reduce noise and reduce dust. The sawdust drying itself also needs environmental protection, which is truly an environmental protection project. The equipment blue is the sky blue is the environmental protection plan formulated under the target, and the blue sky is the commitment and persistence of Dingli.


  After the annual shutdown, Dingli began to carry out technical R&D team construction, actively introduce new blood and strength, strengthen team building, and strengthen the research and development and application of environmental protection technology, whether it is exhaust The treatment technology is also a simultaneous upgrade of the cleaning technology of the heat source equipment, which greatly reduces the dust pollution of the sawdust drying.

  At present, Dingli's sawdust dryer has achieved substantial results. The whole sawdust drying line adopts dust-free operation, the biomass burner cleans the heat, the sealed feeder is dust-free feeding, and the tumble dryer is sealed and dried. , multi-stage dust purification system, dust removal efficiency is as high as 99.95%. The technology and equipment configuration of dry materials such as dust-free storage system greatly reduce the dust pollution caused by sawdust drying.


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