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Sawdust drying production line selects suitable heat source



  The heat source can be said to be the driving force of the production line. A good heat source can help sawdust drying production line to produce quickly. Which is a good heat source? The right one is good, Xiaobian introduces the precautions for everyone to choose the right heat source.


  When selecting a heat source, you need to pay attention to the following points: the heat source needs certain raw materials, so you should consider whether it is convenient to buy the heat source materials locally, and whether the cost of the raw materials is the best, etc. Safety: This is more important for direct combustion heat sources, some are baked. Dry materials are easy to burn or oxidize. In this way, indirect heat exchange heat sources can be selected. Special explosion-proof or flame-retardant measures are required when selecting direct combustion type; environmental protection, some heat sources will produce some smoke and odor during the combustion process. When it is discharged into the atmosphere, it will cause pollution. For this kind of heat source, it needs to be cautious when used. To ensure the quality, according to the quality requirements of the dried materials and materials after drying, the heating temperature and the cleanliness of the heat source can be analyzed accordingly, and at the same time, the heat source can be easily controlled, so as to ensure the stability of the drying. Sex.

  The above points are the places to pay attention to when purchasing the heat source. You can select the suitable heat source equipment according to the production requirements and the above points.

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