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How to solve brewer's grain dryer equipment is not durable



  1. the boot is normal, in the brewer's grain drying production line, there must be a variety of ancillary equipment, but the characteristics of each machine is not the same, so we operate the brewer's grain dryer operating procedures can not be the slightest Of slack, so when we carry out the operation, we must first carry out idling test, to ensure that the equipment is no exception in the production and processing, because in the process of operation, particularly prone to problems.


  2. We use brewer's grain dryer, the worker must be familiar with the operation of the equipment and its parameters and material-specific requirements, strictly control the speed and size of the feed, to avoid the bad effect of beer grains drying, the right equipment damage.

  3. In the use of brewer's grain dryer equipment dehydration and drying of materials in the process, to calculate the proportion of inputs into the wet and drying efficiency, to avoid excessive intake of wet brewer's grain, resulting in unstable yield or dry quality is not ideal produce. There is also control the amount of stillage feed, to prevent substantial feeding, the equipment caused by excessive wear and tear of the situation.

  Brewer's grain dryer equipment is not durable? Many brewer's grain dryer users are always complaining that they are not durable equipment purchased, then what is going on in the end? It is well-known that brewer's grain dryer will inevitably show small friction and small bumps during day-to-day production and processing. At the same time, together with the production environment of the dryer, problems may occur in the long run. So in the face of such problems, how should we deal with it?

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