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Zhengzhou Dingli receives the Ukrainian organic fertilizer dryer customer



  The so-called wine is not afraid of the deep alley. With the globalization of the  company's product operations, customers from five continents are everywhere, and it  is not uncommon. Yesterday, Ukrainian customers conducted in-depth exchanges with  our company for organic fertilizer dryers. Negotiation, cooperation  progress is progressing smoothly.


  Zhengzhou Dingli has been committed to the field of industrial dryers for more  than ten years. It has made great achievements in the research and development of  equipment and processing of dewatering and drying equipment for high-humidity  materials such as coal, slag feed, Chinese medicine residue, organic fertilizer and  slag ore. Drying technology is also a self-contained one, with its own  characteristics and advantages. Organic fertilizer dryer involves Chinese  agricultural waste: such as straw, soybean meal, cotton aphid, mushroom residue,  biogas residue, slag, lignin residue, etc. livestock manure: such as chicken  manure, cattle and sheep horse manure, rabbit manure; industrial Waste: such as  distiller's grains, vinegar grains, cassava residue, sugar residue, furfural  residue, etc, domestic garbage: such as kitchen waste; urban sludge and biogas  slurry. A wide variety of organic fertilizer materials can be dried and upgraded at  lower cost, higher efficiency and quality.

  When Ukrainian customers communicated with our technical engineers, they gave a  positive focus on the company's green technology. The two sides realized in-depth  communication and docking at the technical level, and the meeting progressed  smoothly. At the same time, the customer conducted a site inspection of our  production workshop, accompanied by the company's technical director, to carry out  comprehensive and comprehensive processing technology and technical principles to  introduce and solve problems.

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