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Romania sawdust dryer project successfully accepted



  With the development of the company, the company closely follows the development strategy of China's Belt and Road, opens the foreign trade model, exports the drum dryer equipment and exports the technology, and quickly obtains outstanding results. The sawdust dryer and sawdust and wood chip drying treatment On the export of complete sets of production lines, Zhengzhou Dingli has achieved the results of Tsundere. Recently, Zhengzhou Dingli's sawdust dryer production line passed the customer acceptance and officially delivered to customers.


  When the company returned to Romania, it said that the current environmentally-friendly and energy-saving sawdust dryer is operating normally and has reached the expected target. At the same time, the customer has a very good impression and evaluation of our technical engineers. The installation site is orderly, clean and tidy, and its professional quality is worth learning and praise.


  Sawdust dryer is the main product of Zhengzhou Dingli's export business. It has a significant significance and promotion for the overseas market development of the company. It has market distribution in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and South America. At present, the company's drying technology has achieved a new upgrade, environmental protection and energy conservation has become the main core competitiveness, please consult for details!

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