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Various animal manure characteristics and better fertilizer application



Dingli has been engaged in animal manure dryer for many years.Animal excrement is rich in organic matter and various nutrients needed by crops, which plays a good role in increasing crop yield and soil fertility.Next, I will introduce the difference among different animal waste and how to use it efficiently.

The main components of various livestock and poultry excrement are cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, protein and its decomposition components, fat, organic acid, enzyme and various inorganic salts. Adding the fermentation agent of yifuyuan fungicide into the compost can rapidly decompose and decompose the residual organic matter, transform the small molecular matter that can be easily absorbed by plants, release heat at the same time to prevent burning roots and seedlings caused by secondary decomposition, and the high temperature generated by compost can kill the seeds, insect eggs and prevent diseases and insect pests.

1.Cow manure: The cow dung contains 14.5% organic matter, N:0.30 ~ 0.45%, P:0.15 ~ 0.25%, K:0.10 ~ 0.15%, It is a kind of high value of the soil fertilizer. The organic matter and nutrient content of cow dung is lowest than the livestock manure. A slow acting fertilizer.

2.Pig manurePig manure contains 15% organic matter and the total nutrient content is not high,N:0.5 ~ 0.45, P:0.6% ~ 0.5%, K:0.35 ~ 0.45%,Pig manure texture is fine, composition is complex, containing protein, fat, organic acids, cellulose, semi cellulose and inorganic salt. Pig manure containing more nitrogen, carbon and nitrogen ratio (14:1).Generally easy to be microbial decomposition.

3.Chicken manure: Chicken manure contains rich nutrients, Contains: dry matter:89.8%, crude protein:28.8%, crude fiber:12.7%, digestible protein:14.4%, nitrogen free extract:28.8%, phosphorus:2.6% calcium:8.7%,Histidine:0.23%,methionine:0.11%, leucine:0.87%, lysine:0.53%, phenylalanine:0.46%.Through proper processing and utilization, it can be a very good green organic fertilizer or chicken feed, Chicken manure as farm manure, have higher efficiency than pig manure, cow dung etc. each ton sticky chicken manure containing plant nutrients :N:11.35 kg, P(P2O5):10.44 kg, K (K2O):5.45 kg.In addition, the chicken manure contains a lot of organic matter, also can be used for making biogas feedstock.

4.Horse ManureHorse manure composition with more cellulose, hemicellulose content, thick manure, porous, easy evaporation of water, less water content, rot and ripening quickly, heat in the accumulation process, high temperature, is a thermal fertilizer. Can be used for breeding seedlings, heat better than pig manure. When composting, adding appropriate amount of horse manure can promote composting maturity. Because of its coarse texture, horse manure is especially suitable for viscous soil and can be used as an improver in viscous soil.

manure dryer

Zhengzhou Dingli has been engaged in organic fertilizer drying for many years.All of our drying process technology according to the characteristics of each biomass material, the size of production, the application requirements, the cost control, the degree of automation, the site conditions etc.The manure dryer can realize the automatic and intelligent control, the operation parameters can be automatic control, the dryer is always in the best condition to running, it can be ensure uniform drying out of the raw material moisture is stability.

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