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Silage pasture dryer, how much silage pasture is drying?



  What machine is used for silage pasture drying? Silage pasture has advantages over warehousing time and nutrient content compared to dry pasture, so grass silage is also common. But how to achieve direct drying after forage fermentation? The silage forage silage special processing machine has a large processing capacity, centralized drying and quality improvement, and better maintain color and nutrients.

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  Silage pasture is a kind of feed, which is formed by sealing and fermenting plant-based feed with a large amount of water, and is mainly used for feeding ruminants. Silage is more resistant to storage than fresh feed, and its nutrients are stronger than dry feed. In addition, the silage storage area is small, but the silage data has high requirements for the sealing of the package, and the storage of silage is more convenient and the market operation is safer and simpler.

  With the advancement of technology, the cost of silage drying is getting lower and lower, clean and environmentally friendly, high production and low consumption. The main drying technology is focused on the control of the temperature of the material. Generally, the temperature of the silage grass is not more than 55 degrees, while at the same time Cooling equipment is added to the dryer end system to ensure high quality dry silage.

  The silage and pasture dryer is centralized, and the large-yield dried pastures shorten the drying cycle. The three-tube drying structure reduces floor space of the equipment and further reduces drying cost of silage.

  How much is a silage pasture dryer?

  The price of pasture dryers on the market is very varied, and the propaganda of manufacturers is extremely similar. But how to distinguish the drying price of silage pastures is more reasonable and fair? The evaluation of the dryer manufacturer needs to go deep into the company's on-site inspection in many aspects, such as how many successful pasture dryers the manufacturer has, and to investigate the site as much as possible, the sample standard of dry material forage, drying technology The analytical and difficult answering ability can verify the rationality of the price of silage pasture dryer.

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