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Working principle of belt type sludge dehydrator



DL Series Belt dehydrator (belt filter press) is a new type of dehydration device which is developed for many years aiming at the property of brewer's grains of brewery. It successfully absorbs the advanced technology of filter press at home and abroad.It is particularly suitable for the dehydration of wheat brewer's grains,distiller's grains,sauce residues,starch pulp,bean dregs,cassava dregs,sludge and others.Today I will introduce the structure and working principle of belt sludge dehydrator.

Sludge Dehydrator

The sludge is first mixed with flocculant and flocculates into a group,and then dehydrated by gravity,wedge pressure and low pressure dewatering,medium pressure dewatering and high pressure dewatering gradually reduce the water content of sludge and finally discharge it as solid.This is the "new ring" The working principle of the belt type sludge dehydrator,it is designed according to the dewatering characteristics of sludge.


The conditioned sludge enters the gravity dewatering zone of the belt type sludge dewaterer,which ACTS together in the distributing mechanism and the discharging mechanism Under the action of gravity,the filter belt moves forward to remove the void water of the sludge.

When the sludge travels with the filter belt to the end of gravity dewatering zone,it enters the wedge of the belt dewaterer through the turnover mechanism In the dewatering zone,the sludge is prepressed by the wedge pressure formed by two filter belts in the wedged dewatering zone to further remove the empty sludge gap of water.

The sludge dehydrated by gravity and wedge pressure enters the low pressure zone and the high pressure zone for pressing and dehydration,and the pressure zone is formed by the low pressure porous roller,the filter belt is wrapped with sludge and wound around the pressure roller.

As the diameter of the pressure roller is arranged from large to small,the pressure exerted by the filter belt on the sludge is small.This is consistent with the dewatering characteristics of the sludge. After the press dehydrated filter cake into solid material by scraping off the trowel and out. The whole sludge dehydrator removes the frame that ACTS as the framework,the driving device drives the continuous motion of two filter belts.The tensioning device is responsible for tensioning the filter belt to form the crushing force on the sludge;The cleaning device is responsible for cleaning the residual residue on the filter belt.Ensure the high efficiency of the filter belt;The automatic rectifying device is responsible for ensuring that the filter belt will automatically correct the axial deviation during operation the amount;The function of the filtrate tray is to collect filtrate produced by pressing and dehydration.The roller system includes pressure roller,drive roller and tension roller,tightening roller,rectifying roller, unloading roller and guiding roller,etc.support the filter belt and allow it to repeat various functions over and over again.

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