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How much is a small potato dreg dryer? | 2019 new offer



  Potato residue dryer is the main equipment for feed recycling and utilization of potato residue, sweet potato residue, cassava residue and starch residue etc. It is an essential equipment for the recovery and treatment of starch residue in starch factory. The economic value of potato residue after drying is understandable. And whether it is the downstream market demand or processing equipment supply has formed a favorable environment, increase the economic benefits of starch plants and other enterprises.


  From the manufacturer's sales record, the sales of small potato dregs dryers have been good in the past year. The demand for equipment is still very high. How much is the small potato dregs dryer? 2019, at the beginning of the new year, is there a brand new equipment offer? Learn more and see below:

  Small potato dregs dryer 2019 new offer consultation

  How much is a small potato dregs dryer? 2018 has passed, 2019 new equipment offer has been issued, multiple offer offers for users to choose.

  1: Discount, buy equipment to enjoy 8-9 fold discount.

  2: Free equipment wearing parts.

  3: Free installation and commissioning, on-site operation training, technical guidance and other services for the user is a tangible asset, more equivalent to premium price discount.

  The specific preferential standards, based on the actual time, the details can be consulted free of charge Zhengzhou Dingli in the heart of the customer service, the factory has a sales manager for your one-on-one introduction. Detailed quotation, scientific selection guide, etc., let you buy the benefits, buy the rest assured, use the peace of mind, starch factory profit is more happy.

  New Year is about to have a new atmosphere. In 2019, the new small potato dregs dryer is waiting for you to inquire, low price and high quality, the choice is at this time!

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