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Yeast dryer:tips for improving working efficiency



When we buy a yeast dryer, the first consideration is the efficiency of the equipment. In fact, the work efficiency of the dryer will decline with the passage of time, so how to improve the yeast dryer efficiency?

Beer Yeast Dryer

1. The material should be prevented from reciprocating movement in the dryer barrel, because the material is easy to be removed by the wind, making the material storage in the drum is too low, reducing the cross area between the material and the hot air.

2. In order to increase the output value of the yeast dryer, it's a bad way to lengthen the length of the drum. Because if the diameter is too large, it can not be fully used, not only cause heat loss, but also increase the floor area of the equipment.

3. In the operation of yeast dryer, it is important to control the wind speed inside the drum, if the wind speed is too low, the exchange strength between the material and hot air will lax, drying power will reduce.

4. We should control the temperature of the inlet and outlet of the material, if the temperature of the outlet is too high, the power will waste, the quality of the material to be dried will reduce, its color will be black and paste.

5. When installing the main machine of the yeast dryer, do not use the skewed device method that the inlet end is higher than the far end of the fire. This device method can only accelerate the speed of the material moving towards the far end of the fire and reduce the material storage in the drum.

6. It's not a good way to reduce the rotation speed of the drum in order to limit the activity speed of materials in the direction of export, because it will greatly reduce the number of times that materials are lifted in the drum, and the number of exchanges between materials and hot air can also be greatly reduced.

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