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Sawdust dryer manufacturer,a set of sawdust drying equipment offer



  Sawdust is the main raw material of biomass pellet fuel production line, and sawdust is wood processing scrap. The recycling cost is low. After recycling, it will not only generate new economic growth point, but also improve wood utilization rate and solve solid waste pollution. Therefore, Sawdust recycling has a double benefit.


  Sawdust biomass fuel has natural clean, environmentally friendly, renewable and low-cost advantages in the current wave of energy structure changes. As a result, more and more companies and individuals are beginning to invest in sawdust biomass pellet fuel production lines. Sawdust dryer is an important mechanical equipment for improving the quality of the sawdust biomass fuel production process.

  Sawdust dryer is dried by high temperature and belongs to strong drying. The moisture content of the sawdust after drying is generally 12%, which can be adjusted. This also meets the requirements of the sawdust biomass fuel pellet production line for the water content of the sawdust and improves the sawdust particles. Molding rate and flammability and calorific value of particulate fuel.

  The complete set of sawdust drying equipment mainly includes three-layer rotary drum dryer, heating burner (biomass burner, gas-type hot blast stove, etc.), electric control equipment, feeder, unloader, dust collector system equipment, fan system. Equipment and other equipment. The price of the complete set of sawdust drying equipment is generally determined by the equipment specification and configuration, and the price positioning of the sawdust dryer manufacturer. Therefore, the customer provides the basic daily processing demand and water demand requirements to obtain the free quoted plan from the manufacturer, which is clearer. Learn about sawdust drying equipment lists and cost analysis.

  As a direct guarantor of customers, sawdust dryer manufacturers have a direct impact on customer benefit period and revenue. Therefore, it is guaranteed to choose large brand dryer manufacturers for cooperation. Zhengzhou Jiutian Machinery, as the old brand of sawdust dryer operated for many years, can prove its comprehensive strength to the protection of customers' interests, no matter the number of project cases, market distribution or market reputation. 

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