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Application of distiller's grain protein feed dryer in the process of processing distiller's grains into DDGS



  DDGS is a protein feed for distiller's grains. It is a protein feed made by processing the distiller's grains in the alcohol factory. The protein content of DDGS is more than 26%. It has become a new type of protein feed raw material widely used by feed production enterprises at home and abroad. Poultry and aquatic compound feeds are commonly used to replace soybean meal, fish meal and so on. The processing of alcohol grains into protein feed requires the use of professional equipment. Today, Xiaobian introduces the application of the distiller's protein feed dryer in its processing.


  The raw material of the DDGS produced is usually corn alcohol waste, and the moisture is high. The vigorously produced distiller's grains drying production line can process the material, and the distiller's dewatering equipment in the production line can squeeze the material to a certain extent, and then Drying treatment is carried out by Dingli distiller dryer. The material is fully contacted with hot air in the tumble dryer and dried to the required moisture to complete the drying work. The finished product processed by Zhengzhou Dingli Alcohol Taste Dryer has good color, good palatability and high energy. To meet the needs of animal consumption, Dingli Alcohol Taste Dryer is also used in many feed enterprises.

  Dingli distiller's protein feed dryer has many specifications and models, customers can provide specific needs. Dingli technical personnel will develop detailed project plans, etc. Welcome to Dingli Information and order distiller dryer.

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