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Straw dryer straw corn cob drying process and equipment price



  Crops can not only form food economic benefits, but also various straws can be recycled. Feed and biomass pellet fuels can form new economic growth points. How to mix straw and corn cob? The straw dryer can meet the drying of different crop straws and mixtures.

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  Before entering the straw dryer, the stems of various crops are pulverized by a pulverizer to reach the adapted particle size of the tumble dryer, which is fed into the drum by the belt conveyor, and is repeatedly and fully heated in the suction zone and the air heated by the hot blast stove. The heat exchange, the straw water is evaporated by heat, the specific process is as follows: the wet straw is fed from the feeding bin through the belt dryer or the bucket elevator into the feeding end of the straw dryer, in the screw driving force, the guide plate and the material itself. Under the joint action of gravity, a uniform material curtain is formed through the paper-making plate, and the heated air is fully contacted with the material curtain to achieve sufficient heat exchange, and finally a dust removing device is introduced in the discharge area, and is discharged into the atmosphere after being purified. Heat exchange is the most critical part of straw dryer. It requires various factors such as curtain curtain, hot air volume, wind speed, temperature, internal structure of drying area and equipment passing rate to improve heat utilization and ensure drying. quality.

  Some customers have a mixture of straw and corn cob, and then produce material pellet fuel. How does the mixture dry? The mix is ​​also suitable for straw dryers. Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturers supply a variety of grass feed dryers, biomass fuel raw material drying equipment, to meet the drying and dehydration requirements of straw production feed, biomass fuel and other processes, the whole set of equipment covers a small area, large processing capacity, dry The strength is high, the process is clean and environmentally friendly. At present, it has a good market sales, and it also verifies the rapid growth and development of China's straw recycling and reuse industry chain.

  Straw dryer prices generally provide detailed technical solutions, customers can more clearly understand the equipment configuration, model, processing technology, plant requirements, power and other practical production line construction reference materials.

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