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Feed yeast dryer, a kind of feed yeast high clean and drying dewatering machinery



  Compared with the dregs feed rotary dryer, yeast dryer has a large difference in drying principle. It belongs to indirect drying. It uses a single drying cylinder structure and indirect conduction heating to dry a variety of slurry, and the drying cylinder rotates for one week. It can be completely dried. It is an important dewatering and upgrading equipment for various yeast drying feeds.

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  Feed yeast, used as yeast cells for livestock and poultry feed. Includes all single cell proteins produced with single cell microbes. A light yellow or brown powder or granule with high protein content and rich vitamins. The composition varies with the raw materials and strains. The names of various feeds are often referred to as raw material names to indicate their characteristics, such as sulfite pulp waste liquid yeast, molasses yeast, whey yeast, n-alkane yeast, methanol yeast, and the like. However, raw material feed yeast has high moisture content, and transportation and storage are difficult to teach.

  The feed yeast dryer has high dehydration ability, and drying material has high cleanliness, and the taste of the fermented feed is well preserved. The drying principle of feed yeast can be summarized as follows: The yeast dryer is a dryer that uses indirect conduction heating to heat the material and vaporize the water, and uses steam to heat it. 

  Feed yeast dryer is a high-efficiency, high-cleaning drying and dehydration of yeast raw materials, which is an indispensable quality mechanical equipment in the feed yeast production line. Zhengzhou Dingli Feed Yeast Dryer, which has accumulated more than ten years of operation, both in technology and in enterprise service quality and market reputation, is a better cooperation choice for enterprises.


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